Optional Truck Equipment Equipment
Racks for All Applications

All racks are made of heavy duty round or rectangular tubing with *(1) removable cross bar, painted and mounted onto your truck.
*(Extra removable cross bars are available and priced separately)

Bumper to Bumper Rack
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Bumper to bumper rack is constructed with heavy duty tubing for hauling pipe, pvc, steel tubing or any cargo that requires the full length of your truck.
Standard: Mesh steel floor over cab, mesh steel front stop, painted and mounted onto your truck.
Prices starting at... $1050.00

Cab Over Rack
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Cab over racks fabricated to your truck.
Standard: Heavy duty tubing, one removable cross bar, painted black or white and mounted.
Rack shown...$ 850.00

Racks for Truck Bodies
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Racks are built to your cargo specifications and truck capacity

Cab Over Rack for Utility/Service Bodies 

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Optional Aluminum Side Gates
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Optional light weight aluminum gates are easier to load and unload.

Optional Solid Side Gates
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Standard and Custom Tool Boxes
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  • Standard and CustomTool Boxes
  • Underbody Basket
  • Rear Step
  • Apitong Gate Panels with Stainless Steel Post
  • Raised Floor for Special Equipment Mount

Hoists for Dump Body Applications
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Cargo Control Rack Strap
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Vise Bracket
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